We like to imagine, like in an ancient tale, that wine is the offspring of a magical bond between Earth and Sky, where grapes interact with the Sun during daytime and with the stars at night.
The undulating lines of the hills on the horizon, the green geometry set by the vineyards, flashes of silver from the olive trees and the roads dotted with cypresses, are part of the harmony of an enviroment which isn't just beauty but also character and an inspiration for creating unique wines.
The Orsumella Estate is located in Montefiridolfi within the Chianti Classico denomination area at 300 m a.s.l. and is extended on 78 hectares of which 25 dedicated to vineyards and 11 to olive groves. At the center of the Estate, along the ridge road that leads to the built up area is La Pila, an ancient residence that since the 1200's acted as a "court" for the business and administrative activities and country manor for the Buondelmonti, a noble florentine family.

The Name Orsumella

An old town story says that during summer nights youngsters loved to observe the reflection of the stars on the water of a stream that flowed at the bottom of a gorge. They were seven, called Ursa Minor and the brightest star was the Polar Star.
Since then the stream bears the name Orsumella and still flows today through the vineyards on our Land.
Our logo also encloses this story, with a seven point star and six smaller red ones around, red as wine.